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Sex and Intimacy Issues

Sex and Intimacy Issues

Sex and Intimacy issues are very difficult to discuss due to feelings of shame, guilt or embarrassment.  You may be experiencing low libido, inability to orgasm, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction and discussing these topics might feel intimidating.  They have affected your self-esteem, your ability to connect with your partner or even establish a relationship.

What happens in in the initial sex therapy session?

During your initial session, we will discuss topics such as your physical health, childhood/family beliefs about gender and sexuality, current and past relationships, and your presenting problems. The most important thing is openness and honesty about your relationships, sexual activities, and sexual concerns. All conversations are confidential and non-judgmental.

What are some reasons to start sex therapy?

  • My partner wants to have sex more often than I do
  • We would like to get more out of our relationship
  • My partner or I have a sexual problem
  • My partner and I are growing apart
  • I don’t have an intimate relationship
  • I have issues that interfere with sex and relationships
  • My illness is affecting my sex life or my relationship
  • Is the vaginal dryness I’m experiencing normal?
  • I have pain during intercourse
  • Is my fetish or kink normal or do I have a mental health issue?

Relationship problems and conflicts affecting sex drive as well

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